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Multifunctional Wear Project

We decided to entrust this project to Emanuela Roncalli, a renowned Designer from Milan who has always stood out for creations of iconic garments distinguished by unique originality. Emanuela has always perfectly captured the essence of our TPU Evolution® by exalting its peculiar features: for this project the

Designer was inspired by the idea of garments that interpret functionality in a different way, with the exciting addition of translating the project into knit.

The use of Coatyarn's TPU Evolution® polyurethane yarn and Caprera GRS yarn by Südwollegroup allowed Emanuela to achieve the goal of a garment that combines high technical performance, great comfort and elegance.

We have also been honored to have the support of The Woolmark Company, who strongly believed in this project and in the synergy between these two amazing yarns.

Thanks to the collaboration with Self Maglieria, leader in the production of high-end knitwear, boasting a long experience in the field and equipped cutting-edge technology, our Designer had the opportunity to make the most of the two selected yarns.

The choice of the most appropriate stitches in the creation of the garments has been the key to success for the achievement of a multifunctional garment able to blend comfort and elegance with style and resistance.

The perfect combination of TPU Evolution® and Caprera GRS by Südwollegroup, both highly sustainable, also guarantees excellent thermoregulation and moisture management to enhance performance.

Caprera GRS is Suedwollegroup’s sustainable Merino blend yarn born in combination with Coolmax® EcoMade Technology. This yarn allows the blending of the excellent thermoregulating properties of Suedwolle Merino wool 19,3 micron treated Naturetexx Plasma environmentally friendly treatment, no chlorine and Bluesign® approved together with a renewed care for a carbon footprint reduction. Coolmax® EcoMade polyester fibres derive from recycled plastic bottles and enhance the fabric’s breathability while moving moisture away from the skin. Coolmax® EcoMade is also GRS – Global Recycling Standard.

The combination of the two yarns, and in particular the use of TPU Evolution®, guarantees great resistance to abrasion where most needed; soft hand, resistance to water, oils and fats – just some of the peculiar features of TPU Evolution® - give the garments a truly extraordinary technicality, unique in its kind.

Emanuela chose a highly technical zip to zip things up, Storm Evo and Aqua zippers by Rirì, as well as Metal Hub aluminum buckles.

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