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Three leading companies in knitwear share experience and know-how for a common goal: Coatyarn, manufacturer of highly technical and performing coated yarns, Santoni, leader in the production of circular knitting machines, and Macpi, with the latest finishing and thermowelding technologies.

The synergy of the three companies, supported by the strong will and competence of all the involved collaborators, allowed to achieve a great goal: the REvolution Shoe project.



Coatyarn has identified in its range of coated yarns TPU Evolution®, as the most suitable for the production of knitted shoe uppers, for the outdoors, sports, free time and workwear as well. TPU Evolution® grants in fact an excellent resistance to abrasion, solvents, wear, hydrolisis, oils, grease, UV rays and ageing, it is also permanently antibacterial and gives a soft and comfortable touch, enhancing colors brightness. It is also 100% recyclable: a shoe upper entirely realized with TPU Evolution® is in fact totally recyclable.

Circular Knitting Machine with rib border separation. synonymous of productivity, quality and reliability. The new double jersey circular MecMor CMP3 with open variable panel (Variatex Technology) for the production of garments in weft knitting offers a high quality finished item thanks to the circular knitting technology,  and high productivity with 12 feeds. The variable width of the fabric panel allows to set the number of working needles for the required product which in turn enables with one single machine to produce all the sizes without wastages.



TPU Evolution® is knitted by the Mecmor CMP3 machine, obtaining a shoe upper with bright colors and details of amazing precision. It can be used as a single yarn, thus getting a 100% recyclable shoe upper, or in combination with other yarns, inserting TPU Evolution® in the most stressed and wear-prone parts, for the creation of logos and to replace the further application of skins.

The pressa carosello 516.37 by Macpi counts three rotating plates for the activation and following cooling of the TPU Evolution® shoe upper. A rapid pressing of the shoe upper activate TPU Evolution®, the polyurethane yarn, creating amazing color effects and contrasts of light from opaque to shiny, and obtaining the incorporated skin effect thanks to TPU Evolution® yarn, more resistant to time and wear & tear, and without any additional applications!


Our TPU Evolution® yarn is produced without any solvents, coloured with color-free technology and produced following zero-waste policy, for the constant reduction of waste and energy consumption. 

REvolution Shoe project perfectly matches this policy: the use of TPU Evolution®, the 100% Made in Italy and 100% recyclable polyurethane yarn, allows to avoid any further applications, thanks to the skin effect already incorporated into the knitted shoe upper. 
Furthermore, adding a TPU sole you can create monomateric shoes: uppers, laces in

TPU Evolution® with a polyurethane sole for a 100% recyclable product!

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