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The versatility of polyurethane allows our TPU Evolution® yarn to be used for numerous applications both in the textile world and in a wide range of industrial sectors.

TPU Evolution® is the best solution for the creation of bags, shoes, tapes, suitcases, technical fabrics and fabrics for personal protection, outerwear, knitwear, indoor and outdoor furniture and unique accessories of superior quality.

Depending on the type of finishing, one single product allows for different effects on the fabric. Fabrics created with this product have an incredible peach hand feel, softness, lightness, rubber effect and elasticity. By increasing the application temperature it is possible to obtain a rubber or lamination effect.

TPU gives excellent resistance to abrasion, impact, germs, chemical agents, oils and fats and hydrolysis. TPU Evolution® has also anti microbial properties, UV stability and extraordinary color solidity. All of this gives our product incredibile performances.

TPU Evolution® , the polyurethane yarn, is available in different counts and effects:

  • Version with neutral core and colored coat (over 20 colors available)

  • Version with colored core and transparent coat (over 25 colors available)

  • Version with elastic core

  • Version with polyester high tenacity core

  • Version with cordura core

  • Version with fiberglass core

  • Version with carbon fiber core

  • Version with aramide fiber core

  • Version with permanent & tested antibacterial agent

  • Version with photo luminescent polyurethane, with glitter, iridescence  and metallic effects

  • … and many other customized solutions


TPU Evolution® is a true innovation that will not fail to amaze you.

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